Stage 4: “I Love This!” Skype Changed My Dad’s Perception; Final Project, Disproving the Adage “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”

8 Dec

Stage 4 of my final project, as explained in my prior post, consisted of a Skype video chat between my dad and I.

So I should have anticipated this, but my dad loved Skype more than I could have imagined.  He and I, as I’ve said several times, talk on the phone frequently (at least 1-2 times each week).  But being able to see me made a big difference.  I could hear a difference in his voice, and in mine.  There is something about being able to see someone while you talk to them that makes the experience more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, though I recorded our Skype conversation, for some reason my computer did not pick up my voice.  As a result, I created a YouTube movie in which my questions are written out on a black screen and my Dad provides some answers to these questions in his own words:



I think the best part of this is that my Dad, who never says he’s willing to do something unless he is absolutely sure, will be more of an online presence in the future and has finally reached a point of understanding as to how and why I communicate with so many friends and relatives in the way that I do.  I am excited to see what kinds of ideas he has for a blog and am looking forward to helping him fine tune these new skills when I go home for a visit in January.

It really is amazing, that two people across the country from one another can communicate in so many ways at the same time and actually accomplish something of substance.  I would like to thank my Dad for his patience and enthusiasm throughout this project and look forward to hearing reactions from followers.


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