At this point, this blog is an academic experiment.

Why StompingOnEggshells?  For one thing, I have always been drawn to hot-button issues.  I think that no subject should ever be off-limits for discussion.  Whenever something is swept under the rug, it’s only a matter of time before it reemerges.

I have decided that, if I’m going to have a blog,  I should utilize it as a space for fleshing out my own thoughts and ideas.  So many times I have had so much to say with no time to say it.  In the moment, we conform to the unspoken rules of social etiquette.  We sacrifice our own expressive intent so that others may share in a discussion or conversation.  With a blog, there is a space to state your peace with no immediate time constraints.  And discussion is not necessarily sacrificed, given that commentary is encouraged.  So from here on out, I will make myself vulnerable. I will not hesitate to say exactly what I think about whatever I choose to think about.  I will make no apologies for my initial thoughts, however controversial they may be.  As I’ve told my students in the past, each and every mistake is nothing more than a pure learning moment.  Perhaps, by being a bit more bold than I have been in the past, I will be pushed to learn more.  So I invite you to push me by being bold, unapologetic, and straightforward with your responses to my posts.


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